Sima tears on stage, watching the sea of people following the players was filled with passion, his back to that time again, Sima tears, how many people had themselves to curry favor with gifts, sending gold, is not something you want to get good equipment Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so join in the auction banks Sima, Sima banks next year because of little things and not open this year, among the real world coming out again, Sima banks, but also hope you bear the responsibility or two,ghd sale ghd green envy styler this is the banks in the real world Sima Among the first auction, but also among the first real large-scale community auction, gold and silver equipment to hundreds of pieces of equipment, if you are interested in welcome to campaign. Sima tear very skilled to say these words, immediately get everyone the waves of applause. Then a bit quiet tears Sima players, once again said: Well, I do not delay your time, and now will start the auction will start from the basic silver and equipment. Finish back down, go to an auction auspices. The latter look of excitement, can even act as banks for the first time the auspices of Sima, whether he or his friends around him proud. Ladies and gentlemen, I presided over todays auction, then for everyone to show the first equipment, Nether Gunslinger! Host smiled, showing the properties of the nether Gunslinger on the big screen. Nether Gunslinger (silver Equipment) nether world lost a Gunslinger, with a strong attack. Attack: 345 Strength +5 Agility +2 +1 physical recovery additional effect: Stun 20% knock 0.1 percent. Additional Skills: Nether thorn, and instantly double the outbreak of the nether attack the Coward Robert Ford, internal strength consumes 500.ghd dark Thirty seconds cooling time. Total Annihilation: group of offensive skill, attack hundred and eighty degrees around within five meters away from the enemy and hurt the value doubled, additional stun effect, internal strength consumption in 2000, the cooling time of ten seconds.

Requires Level: 25 This attribute of a piece of equipment to start immediately attracted the attention of every soldier, one can blame their own good equipment, brush, ah, as long as there is sufficient internal strength values, a warrior leveling enough to own, and this is undoubtedly ghd outlet one for the soldiers to break the head of the good equipment. GHD Australia rare Although the gun is not very high attack power, but each is double attack skill, this is the silver equipment called ah. Host smiled and said: This low-cost equipment, two thousand silver coins, each increase of not less than a thousand, you started it. See the weapon, field man for a time under no people bid, and let the summer air a bit surprised, however, it Sima know what tear phenomenon, a time we are shocked by the weapon properties, silver and equipment, many people have not seen even see it, who knows the price it Three thousand gold coins! Finally, there are individuals in the general seating shouted. Immediately run up all the talent, have to say, this weapon is to attract you soldiers, so many people want for ourselves. One million gold! Shouted the audience of people continue. This makes the summer wind had secretly surprised one, a silver equipped with a million gold It appears there is increase in space My day had a spring in the ban also went out to throw their silver equipment, mother, these things did not expect such a valuable, thought that summer wind thrown away by their own equipment not help but feel Routeng silver, pity that when he did not reserve thing ring ah. Finally the gun to thirteen thousand gold coins price of the transaction, GHD Straightener salon which makes the summer wind could not help but burst Routeng again, he is still the ghd hair number of gold ah That there is no other way but their own only to be good, still times.

Gold can still equip it The auction also has the equipment players, of course, not the whole auction thing, so a lot of things looked at the price high, but Sima banks started their own name in order that the auction does not charge, as long as the system of tax money . The first round of the auction is completed quickly silver equipment, Sima tears compiled a gold,ghd white a full three million gold coins fall into the pockets of Sima banks. Gold summer wind looked into his pocket one by one, hehe smile, said: Tears, all of the coins will now call all the stars. Sima nodded tears, all these coins more than three million allocated to the Star, Gold is also one by one after the stroke to the stars, summer wind does have other uses. Subsequently, the silver equipment is completed, the host finally once again said: Ladies and gentlemen, todays silver equipment, all selling a total of more than three pieces of a space, then this auction is the biggest selling point, a total of more than thirty pieces of gold and equipment waiting for you election. thud, the audience were instantly exploded general, silver and equipment are so valuable, let alone the gold equipment Among these eight thousand people came to watch are a number of players, most of them are not much money, but would rather spend their gold to buy a ticket to come to watch have not seen even see silver equipment. Waved his hands with the host. The big screen again a weapon. Gold swords (gold equipment) Attack Power: 485 Fire attribute +10 Agility +5 Strength +10 Speed +1 hit a sharp shot +30 +10 Additional effect: Fire damage immunity 10%,ghd pink limited edition 10% of water damage immunity, defense ignoring soil series 5%. Additional skills: Blade mad war, swords attack power bursts, consumption of fifty percent of the internal strength of the kill each other, hit the fifty percent increase, sharp increase of twenty percent.


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